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Pediatric Chiropractic at
Spinal Health & Wellness Center

Kids smiling in a circle with their heads together

The best day to get adjusted is the day you’re born—and the second best day is today! Most of the body’s development occurs in the first six years of life. Babies fall over 100 times a year. If an adult fell twice in a year, they would be checked by every doctor in town, but it’s all too common to let babies “shake it off,” without realizing the damage these traumas cause.

We’re doing something wrong to our kids as a culture. Right now, autism rates are 1 in 31. Thirty years ago, they were just 1 in 600! Our kids suffer from an epidemic of poor health. The best way to explore and correct these dysfunctions is through chiropractic and nutrition.

Making Care Fun, Not Frightening

Adjustments have a dramatic effect on young bodies, preventing chronic issues that are harder to fix in adulthood. At Spinal Health & Wellness Center, we take an extremely gentle approach to keep kids comfortable at all times.

Dr. Magi has seven years of experience teaching gymnastics to kids ages 2 to 14, and her cheerful, kind personality keeps kids smiling.

Gentle Care for Your Family

Plan on arriving 15 minutes early for your child’s first appointment to do paperwork. Please let us know if your child has a sensory problem or is on the spectrum, so we can prepare. Kids are free to wear anything comfortable.

We’ll start with some questions based on your child’s age and complaint. Dr. Magi may ask about your pregnancy and birth, and your child’s nutrition and daily routines. After a short physical exam, we’ll get started with care.

Regular appointments are quick, because we understand that just getting a car full of kids out the door can be an event. We have a private room with a closing door, giving little ones space to run around and play.

Put Your Child’s Health First Today

Invest in your child’s wellness, without the prescriptions. Book now.

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